Sunday, May 11, 2008

Don't want to fight for my rights.

I’m not fighting for my rights – I’m just fighting for doing what I think is right.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A good mental trick.

When I find out that it's difficult to make myself do something, the following thought comes to my head:
you should concentrate on searching for the reasons why you are going to succeed and why you should act even if you'll fail; and you shouldn't waste time on trying to find the reasons why you are going to fail and why you should lie idle even if you have all the chances to succeed.
Believe me or not, it works. For me, at least.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I think of everytime I'm going to publish a post...

"Whatever you say, there will be always someone who would be offended by what you've said" - that's what I think of every time I'm going to write something publicly. There is a lot of people in this world who value their opinion so much (except for the case when it comes to applying their world view to practice, of course) that they think it is their debt to convince someone with a different point of view that he is wrong, to show him how wrong he is (and to do it at least once a day). But even this is not the worst option. Because there are also people that you can meet for which not even an opinion is the reason for starting up an argument. It's just their game. One says that he believes in God - and a person of that kind is trying to oppose him; another one says he doesn't believe in God - and the same person tries to persuade him in existence of God. See, he doesn't need to avoid controversies. He doesn't need to be logical. All he needs is to win. Because thinking is just his game. And all that is needed in a game is trying to become a winner.

Why does that happen? Partially, that happens because there are people who have failed in their attempt of finding a relation between their way of thinking and their way of living. "There's no matter what you think unless it affects your life".

Friday, November 23, 2007

There's no way...

There's no way one who doesn't belong to oneself can make anything else belong to him.

Time heals all things.

Time heals all things... inasmuch as it inevitably leads us to the occurrence which will cure us of all diseases and distempers at once and forever.

The most intellectual work.

The most intellectual work, I think, is sweeping the floor: the head isn't busy with anything, so that it's possible to analyze the most complex ideas within one's mind :).

Clever people vs. stupid people

Clever people who fight for stupid ideas are worse and more dangerous than stupid people.